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I can’t quite believe that 10 years has passed since Redhen was launched. The time has quite literally flown, and I find myself in that awkward position where I have to follow my own advice. After all, how can I expect the clients I work with to do what I’m guiding and advising them to do, if I’m not doing the same? I have to push my brand forward. I have to evolve and most importantly, I have to tell my brand story; effectively and convincingly.

Redhen Marketing

And so here we are, and here it is. A few agonising months of reflection and hard graft, and my new brand identity and website have finally been uncovered for all to see. And my brand story is there for all to see and read. Now it has to be lived. It’s an exciting moment but also nerve-wracking. I’m really proud of it, and hope my clients and potential new clients feel the same. 

Take a moment

These past few months have also taken me on an important learning journey. It’s made me realise how crucial it is that I put myself in the situation of my clients. Sometimes I find myself saying ‘Come on, just do it. What are you waiting for? We need to launch this, we’re going to miss the right moment.’ I sometimes get caught up in the mode of Director and Consultant that I now realise I need to take the time to appreciate things from a client perspective. And so I’ve immersed myself in creating my brand story and I’m equally as protective and reticent.

Creating a brand story

So what is a brand story anyway?
A brand story encompasses everything you want your brand to evoke and it’s so much more than simply how you look. It’s about how you want people to feel when they engage with your brand. It’s about how you communicate your values. It’s about how credible you are. Do you live up to your brand message? If your key value is reliability and excellent service – do you deliver it? Are you living and breathing your brand story? It’s about literally creating a brand persona that people intuitively respond to.  A compelling story will establish value quickly and  initiate engagement that inspires action. An honest and genuine brand story develops trust and confidence and in today’s increasingly competitive world, your point of difference matters more than ever.

Getting you noticed for what you do best

If all of this sounds confusing and you’re sat there thinking, well that’s a tall order and all a little too difficult. Well you’re right, it is, but it’s OK because at Redhen we’ve a talented team of creatives who can help you create your compelling brand story. Our ability lies in getting under the skin of brands in order to  define your character and brand persona in a way which connects, inspires and establishes lasting relationships.

Tell your story

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