‘And so this is Christmas, and what have we done?’

Frankly, Lennon, not a lot…

This Christmas, John Lennon’s words couldn’t resonate more. Seriously, what a year? I don’t think anyone has done very much. (On a social level of course.) Apart from endless Zooms, Teams, Meets, Whereby’s and ‘digital reach-outs…’

Who hasn’t battled trying to work with kids tearing round the house at the height of covid? I’ve seen so many funny clips of TV presenters, even political correspondents, struggling to remain calm and collected as their toddlers plough in and take over the show, wreaking chaos. I’ve only just survived by giving my children impossible search and find tasks in the garden. ‘Now Finn, I’m sure you can find a lovely yellow tulip out there somewhere (in the depths of winter, in the south of France :D)’

Covid has made us all terrible parents. But most of us have managed, albeit a bit greyer, a bit more baggy-eyed and a bit fatter. We’ve had to get on, getting on, we’ve had to adapt.

John Lewis’s fabulous Christmas ad captures all that perfectly. Here it is for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Covid’s impacted everything and the world’s biggest retailers have clearly seen an opportunity to tap into all of that, very effectively.

The best Covid Christmas ads of 2020 focus on the ‘new normal’

‘More importantly, the best 2020 Christmas commercials focus less on asking you to buy something and more on how to share love, bring community together and give to those in most need.’

And so it’s been a crazy time of too much technology, too much ‘virtuality’. This whole #covid saga and its horrendous plight on the world has got me and the whole team feeling reflective. I  can’t wait to have real, (for fear of sounding vaguely dodgy) ’physical’ meetings. With real-time banter free of hideous technical delays which makes you a lot less funny! (Yes it’s the technology of course.)

Covid Christmas on a personal level

Never could I have imagined the yearning I have to go to one of Uncle Kevin’s Christmas Buffets. Who’d have thought it would ever become the ‘go-to’ destination of the year.’ I’m not even remotely bothered about being bored stiff by geeky Giles who’s job I’m still not very clear on. I simply want to be with my family and friends.

And so this is Christmas, let’s hope it’s a good one! Here’s to 2021, seeing people again. travelling, ‘in flesh’ business meetings, and getting perfectly merry in any bar of any kind. 🙂

And whilst that is still a distant memory, and you’re not going anywhere any time soon, take a moment to appreciate the little things. Live in the moment. I came across this lovely blog which, in its very simply way, shows us what we can learn about Christmas, from nature.

Enjoy. And Merry Christmas.

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